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  1. Peace be with you all brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I’m brother Dan from Great Britain, original from Roumania Suceava, and I found your website and I like it, you must keep up the good work for Jesus, never give up or give in , amen.
    We live the end time of ours civilisations, and we must live like today is the last day of ours life, we must be ready for the 2 nd coming of Jesus Christ when in a blip of eye we will meet with the Lord into the sky, I believe with whole my heart Jesus is coming, and we all should say yes please Jesus come soon, amen.
    Today as every day we celebrate his resurrection and with this occasion I want to say you all Jesus risen from the death amen.
    With all my love for you all I salut you all in Jesus name, and I salut you all with psalm91 all and with Romans 13: vs 8 amen.
    Yours Pentecostal brother in Christ Dan and my wife Rowena salut you all.
    God bless you all and keep you all for the kingdom of the Lord ours Mighty God, amen.


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